In 1938, Salvatore Pace Budanza Cudia built a movie studio on the northeast corner of Camelback Road and 40th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. At first known as the Valley of the Sun studio, it soon became known as Cudia City.

Film production began in 1941. He had plans for 12 films, but only 4 were made because of World War II.

"Wanted Dead or Alive" and "26 Men" television shows used the studio.

The studio site in the late 1950's became a dinner-theater, then a local hangout for the teenagers of the area (under the name Cudia City's Sound Stage One). In the 1960's, all the buildings were removed and an apartment complex erected.

An aerial view of the Cudia City location.


"The Boy From Indiana" (Ventura Pictures 1950) Directed by: John Rawlins. Cast: Lon McCallister, Lois Butler, Billie Burke, George Cleveland.