Clarence “Fat” Jones and Leandro “Andy” Jauregui leased several thousand acres of land in Placerita Canyon from Standard Oil (now Chevron) in 1928. Jones began construction of a small western street set and filming commenced on the property. The property was mainly used for cattle and horse raising. In 1933, Jauregui bought out Jones’ share when Jones moved his horse rental business to North Hollywood. The buildings comprising the western street were removed by Harry S. Webb and installed at the LaSalle Ranch in Towsley Canyon, where they remained for a couple more years.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take the Golden State Freeway (5) north to the Antelope Valley Freeway (14) north. Exit at Placerita Canyon Road and turn right. The “Fat” Jones Ranch site is on the left, just east of the Andy Jauregui Ranch site. It is now owned by the Disney Company and is part of the Golden Oak Ranch.


"Across the Plains" (Robert J. Horner 1928) Ted Wells

"Sign of the Wolf" (Metropolitan 1931) Rex Lease

"The Texan" (Principal 1932) Buffalo Bill Jr