Around 1800, Jose Vincente Feliz received a grant of land from Spain for nearly 7000 acres of land, Rancho Los Feliz, which measured from the Los Angeles River on the East and what is now Gower Street on the West, and from the Los Angeles pueblo limits on the south to the top of the hills on the north. The rancho transferred hands several times before Griffith J. Griffith purchased a large portion of it in 1882. In 1896, Griffith gave 3,015 acres of the hilly wilderness land to the City of Los Angeles as long as they kept it open to the public. In 1898, the city accepted the offer and Griffith Park was born.


Colonel Griffith J. Griffith willed Griffith Park to the city along with a trust fund that called for building a Greek Theater, an observatory, and a hall of science, to be built on Mt. Hollywood. The city of Los Angeles was forced to break his will in order to locate the observatory at a lower elevation than Griffith had planned. In his instructions for the construction of the observatory and the hall of science, he called for the use of a streetcar and funicular railway to reach it. Of course, these instructions were written before the automobile became the standard form of transportation in Southern California.

Work began on the observatory in 1933 and was completed in 1935.


DIRECTIONS: From downtown Los Angeles, take the 101 Freeway north. Exit at Vermont Avenue and turn right (north). Head up into Griffith Park until you reach the Observatory.


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