The Kanab Movie Fort was built on property owned by Orville Robinson for the movie "The Yellow Tomahawk" (United Artists 1954). During the filming of "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" (Buena Vista 1979), a special effects sequence was designed to destroy a portion of the fort by fire. Those portions/buildings to be destroyed by fire were moved away from the fort and replicas built of styrofoam were erected in their places. These buildings were located to the left of the main building. Unfortunately, the fire got out-of-hand and destroyed other parts of the fort which were not supposed to be burned. The fort has not been rebuilt.

The remains of the Kanab Movie Fort are located west of the Kanab Municipal Airport about a mile north of the Arizona border. Above is a composite image of the fort just prior to it being partially burned to the ground in 1979.

Here are two shots of the fort showing before and after of the fire sequence.


The fort was used in the television series "How the West Was Won" and "Daniel Boone". Below are a couple of photos of the fort as they appeared in 2012.

The three above current photos of the fort are used by permission of Linda Smith.
Copyright 2012 Linda Smith


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