The area was originally known as Little Bear Valley. In need of irrigation water for the low lying lands below the mountain, a group of Ohio businessmen surveyed the area in 1891 and decided that a reservoir should be built there. After purchasing the land and obtaining water rights, they began construction of the dam in 1893. The Arrowhead Reservoir Company completed construction of the dam, cleared the land, and dug tunnels, all by 1908. It was their idea to harness the water power and generate electricity by sending the water down the San Bernardino side of the mountain. Unfortunately for them, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ranchers on the Mohave side of the mountain and the water could not be diverted to the south side.

With the dam built and water in the process of being collected, the project was abandoned until around 1921-23 when new owners purchased the property and renamed Little Bear Lake as Lake Arrowhead.

Lake ArrowheadLake Arrowhead

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