The George Lewis mansion was designed by architect Albert Farr and was erected on 10 acres of land in Benedict Canyon, next door to the Thomas Ince estate (which was located at 1051 Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills). Unfortunately, the mansion was eventually torn down.

Manhunt of Mystery Island
The Lewis mansion in 1945 for "Manhunt of Mystery Island" serial.
Batman & Robin
As seen in 1949 in "Batman & Robin" serial.

NOTE: Special thanks to Mitch Gamble of Australia for his research on the Lewis mansion.

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"King of the Newsboys" (Republic 1938) Directed by: Bernard Vorhaus. Cast: Lew Ayres, Helen mack, Alison Skipworth, Victor Varconi, Sheila Bromley Alice White, Horace McMahon, Billy Benedict.

"The Crooked Road" (Republic 1940) Directed by: Phil Rosen. Cast: Claire Carleton, Paul Fix, Irene Hervey, Charles Lane, Arthur Loft, Edmund Lowe, Henry Wilcoxon.

"Manhunt of Mystery Island" (Republic 1945) Directed by: Spencer Bennet, Wallace A. Grissell, Yakima Canutt. Cast: Richard Bailey, Linda Stirling, Roy Barcroft, Kenne Duncan, Forrest Taylor, Forbes Murray, Jack Ingram, Harry Strang, Edward Cassidy, Frank Alten, Lane Chandler, Russ Vincent, Dale Van Sickel, Tom Steele, Duke Green.

"Night and Day" (Warner Bros 1946) Directed by: Michael Curtiz. Cast: Cary Grant, Alexis Smith, Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden.

"Batman and Robin" (Columbia 1949) Directed by: Spencer Bennet. Cast: Robert Lowery, John Duncan, Jane Adams, Lyle Talbot, Ralph Graves, Don Harvey, William Fawcett, Leonard Penn, Rick Vallin, Michael Whalen, Greg McClure, House Peters Jr, Jim Diehl, Rusty Wescoatt.