Agoura Ranch
A panoramic shot of a portion of the western Morrison Agoura Ranch.

Homesteaded by Alonzo Morrison in 1896, this cattle ranch was run by Alonzo and his brother John. The brotherís resided on opposite ends of the ranch. The eastern ranch buildings were located along the current Las Virgenes Road near the intersection with Horseshoe Circle. The western ranch buildings were located in an area commonly referred to as the Agoura Ranch. It was here where a two-story false front building stood until the early 1950ís. The eastern ranch land was sold in early 1963 to the Boyar Corporation. A large amount of that acreage has been subdivided into housing. A portion of the western acreage was acquired by the State of California and is being preserved for park land, while some of the property on the south side is now a landfill.

DIRECTIONS: To reach the west Morrison Agoura Ranch, from Los Angeles, take the 101 Freeway North past the City of Calabasas. Exit at Chesebro Road and turn right. Follow Chesebro Road north until you see the entrance to the Chesebro Canyon Park. After parking, take the hiking trail that heads east from the parking area. After a short walk, you will see a road heading to the south (right). Take that and you will be on the old western Morrison Ranch range.

To reach the east Morrison Agoura Ranch, from Los Angeles, take the 101 Freeway North and exit at Las Virgenes Road and head north. You will come to Horseshoe Circle. To the left is where the ranch buildings for the east ranch were situated.

One of the few remaining structures on the western ranch. This structure appeared after the removal of the large ranch house facade.
It was used in two early episodes of "The Rifleman" television show.

Some of the ranch land.

An overview of a portion of the ranch.


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