Located at the northwest corner of Waalew Road and Dale Evans Parkway in Apple Valley, just outside the city limits of Victorville, the N. B. Murray Dude Ranch catered to the African-American population. The 40 acre site was purchased by Nolie and Lela Murray for $100 in 1926. The ranch was first run as a Boys Town for children, ages 10 to 16. In 1937, heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis, stayed at the ranch. The ranch soon was opened to all people of all races, although it sat in a heavily African-American section (located south/southeast of Bell Mountain). Lela Murray died in 1949. In 1955, singer Pearl Baily purchased the ranch for $65,000. She sold the ranch off in the mid-1960's. The ranch buildings were later burned for a training session of the Apple Valley Fire Department.

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"Harlem on the Prairie" (Jed Buell Prod. 1937) Directed by: Sam Newfield. Cast: Herbert Jeffries, F. E. Miller, Connie Harris, Manton Morefield, Spencer Williams, Maceo Sheffield, Nathan Curry, Edward Brandon, James Davis, George Randall, The Four Blackbirds, The Four Tones.

"The Bronze Buckaroo" (Sack Amusement 1939) Directed by: Richard Kahn. Cast: Herbert Jeffrey, Artie Young, Rellie Hardin, Spencer Williams, Clarence Brooks, F. E. Miller, The Four Tones.