Built in 1887, the train station served the general public until its sale to a private party around 1953. In the 1970's, when it appeared that it was to be torn down, a group formed and saved the station by moving it to Heritage Square in 1976.

The depot was used often by the Culver City studios and stars such as Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow.

DIRECTIONS: To reach the current location of the depot, from Los Angeles, take the 110 Freeway north. Exit at Avenue 43 and turn right. Turn right on Homer Street. The depot is at the entrance to Heritage Square. To reach the original location of the depot, from Los Angeles, take Interstate 10 west and exit at Overland Avenue. Turn left onto Overland Avenue and cross over the freeway. Turn left on National Blvd. Turn left on Motor Avenue. When you reach the railroad tracks, the station was on the right.


"Berth Marks" (MGM 1929) Directed by: Lewis R. Foster. Cast: Laurel & Hardy.

"Pigskin Palooka" (MGM 1937) Directed by: Gordon Douglas. Cast: Our Gang.