Purchased in 1921 for a reported $425,000, Rancho Paramount, as it was known, became the property of Paramount Pictures. In 1943, the ranch was auctioned off to Eiser Wickholm for only $39,500, after Paramount had invested $60,000 in rebuilding the western street sets. Wickhom subdivided the property and sold parcels to investors.

Originally a part of the Rancho Las Virgenes Spanish grant, the property went through the hands of several individuals until "Jigs" Waring sold the land to Paramount. The size of the parcel was between 2,700 and 4,000 acres, depending on the source quoted.

The ranch included the western sets, a colonial New England set, a fortress, and all of the supporting needs of the ranch: barns, stables, craft shops, and commissary.

Photo to right from "Wells Fargo"

An outside view of a standing set on the ranch

In 1952, William Hertz purchased 326 acres of the southern portion of the ranch for $52,500. The original western sets were on the northern portion of the original property and had already been dismantled. On Hertz's property, some of the craft buildings still remained.

Hertz and his son, Robert, built his own western town around some of these craft buildings and leased the town out to the film industry.

When RKO sold its Encino Ranch in 1953/54, Hertz purchased some of the buildings and moved them to his western town.

Where the Dr. Quinn church once stood, Hertz built a fort set.

Ill health in the late 1950's forced Hertz to sell the property for $200,000. The Paramount Sportsman's Ranch then built an auto race track on the property. Charlie Aldrich and some fellow stunt performers from Corriganville performed at the ranch for up to 2 years in the early 1960's.

In 1962, Dee Cooper, movie bad man, leased the property through 1978. In 1980, the National Park Service purchased the land and surrounding acreage in the amount of 436 acres, and rebuilt the western town. It is this rebuilt town that was home to the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman television series. (Note: The rebuilding upgraded the structural integrity of the buildings while keeping their original looks.)

During the Hertz and later years, the ranch was home to many of the television westerns of the day including "Cisco Kid", "Have Gun, Will Travel", "Gunsmoke", and "Bat Masterson". For the 1976 television movie, "Helter Skelter", the ranch stood in for the Spahn Movie Ranch.

Of the entire Paramount Ranch, only the Hertz acreage remains, the remainder having been subdivided and homes built upon it.

NOTE: The Park Service has a listing of films lensed on the property.

Photos of the old Paramount Ranch western sets:

Photos of the current Paramount Ranch western sets:

The hotel in 1991 (copyright 1991 by Jerry L. Schneider)

The hotel in 1994 as it was rebuilt and redressed for Dr. Quinn's Medical Clinic
(copyright 1994 by Jerry L. Schneider)

Main street in 1983 (copyright 1983 by Jerry L. Schneider)

Main street in 1993, rebuilt and redressed for Dr. Quinn television series
(copyright 1993 by Jerry L. Schneider)

The following two panoramic shots were taken in March 2000
and are copyright 2000 by Jerry L. Schneider:

Main Hertz Ranch western street

Directions: From Los Angeles, take the 101 Freeway west to Agoura. Exit at Kanan Road and turn left. Turn left at Cornell Road. The old Paramount Ranch will be almost the entire area from the north end of Cornell Road to the site of the present day Paramount Ranch, all on the right side of the road.

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