Rancho Maria has been known by many different names, including the Riley Ranch, Brooks Ranch, and possibly the Circle-K Ranch.

In the earlier days, the ranch home, the swimming pool, and the several barns and outbuildings were utilized by the film companies.

In 1987, a western street was constructed for the "Gambler III" movie.

Entrance to Rancho Maria

Rancho Maria western street

Rancho Maria western street

Closeup of the western street

Rancho Maria pool

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take the Golden State Freeway (5) north to the Antelope Valley Freeway (14) north. Exit at Sand Canyon and turn right. Go past Placerita Canyon Road. The ranch is on the right, after the Sable Ranch.


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"Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues" (1987) Directed by: Dick Lowry. Cast: Kenny Rogers, Bruce Boxleitner, Linda Gray.

"Interceptor Force 2" (Unified Film Org. 2002) Directed by: Phillip J. Roth. Cast: Olivier Gruner, Roger R. Cross, Adrienne Wilkinson, Elizabeth Gracen.