While the Red Rock Canyon area had been visited by travellers for many years, it was the discovery of gold in the area that brought the first large influx of people. Rudolf Hagen has been credited with the first discovery of gold there, around 1893, and it was he who build the stopover of Ricardo in the southern area of the canyon.

The road that traverses the canyon, north to south, was blacktopped with oil sand in the 1920's, while a paved highway was completed in 1958. A four-lane highway now takes travelers from Los Angeles, 125 miles to the south, northward to Lone Pine and beyond.

Charley Koehn, known as "Bismark of the Desert" and "Wild Dutchman", he homesteaded at Kane Springs from 1892 until his death. He supplied garden vegetables to the golddiggers and when the film companies began to appear in the area, he was the one they contacted for wagons and mules

Episodes of many television shows were lensed here, including: "Airwolf", "Bonanza", "Branded", "Battlestar Galactica", "Barnady Jones", "Have Gun Will Travel", "Lost in Space", "Rawhide", "Wagon Train", "The Rebel", "High Chaparral", "Laramie", "Frontier Circus", "Young Indiana Jones", "Overland Trail", "Questar", "Highway Patrol", "Hondo", "Lassie", and "The FBI".

Vintage photos from the filming days

Red Rock Canyon in 1994

Another view in 1994

For more indepth information and film list on this site, please visit Richard J. Schmidt's web page:
A Field Guide to Motion Picture Locations At Red Rock Canyon
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DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 north to the Antelope Valley Freeway (14) north. Red Rock Canyon is approximately 3 hours north of Los Angeles and the 14 freeway travels through the middle of the Canyon.


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"Jurrasic Park" (Universal 1992) Directed by: Steven Spielberg. Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern.