Film Producer Col. William N. Selig operated the first movie studio in Los Angeles where he produced the first film to be filmed entirely in Los Angeles (other companies had filmed portions of films in Los Angeles prior to this time).

In 1908, he built a studio in Edendale (now Los Angeles, referred to as Glendale or Echo Park) at 1845 Alessandro, now Glendale Boulevard, where he built the first permanent Los Angeles movie studio (see photo to right).

In 1913, he purchased 32 acres of land next to Eastlake Park (now known as Lincoln Park) at a reported cost of $1 million. The property was turned into a zoo for the animals that he used in his films. By 1915, 700 animal species were residing at the Selig Zoo. In 1916, he sold the Edendale property to William Fox and moved his studio onto the zoo property. Even though his studio folded in 1917, he maintained the zoo at least to the mid 1930's.

The studio after William Fox moved in (thanks to Tommy Dangcil).