The Shepperton Studios are located a mile from Shepperton, Middlesex, England, fifteen miles from London. The original building on the property, Littleton Park House, was built in 1689. In 1928, the house and property surrounding it were purchased by Norman Loudon who had recently started "Flickers"--booklets that contained photos that moved when the pages were flicked. By the end of 1931, he had purchased additional adjoining land and entered the film business.

In February 1932, Loudon began the Sound City Film Producing and Recording Studio (the original name of the Shepperton Studio). Later that same year, he built the first sound stage on the property. The first productions there were of the "Quota Quickies" type, and the first nine films utilized the mansion.

Over the years, many different firms owned the studios, such as British Lion and London Films. By 1958, the complex was known as Shepperton Studios. It was at this studio and backlot that "The Land That Time Forgot" was produced and filmed.