Sunland Park is located in Sunland, California. Many film companies have used the park, especially during the silent and early talkie days.

Movie set built for "The Kentucky Colonel"


That one-third of the cost of the National Film Corporation of America production of Opie Read's "The Kentucky Colonel" was spent to construct a replica of the village of Emeryville, Kentucky, with its mansions, business district, race-track, stables, and authentic properties, was contained in a letter received by Joe Brandt, the National's eastern representative, from I. Bernstein, production manager on the west coast. According to the letter, this photoplay, which the National states is that firm's greatest cinema achievement, cost over $150,000, not including overhead.

In order not to have the picture conflict with the book, which has been popular with three generations, it was found necessary to build sets in keeping with general atmosphere of the novel. After a long search Mr. Bernstein hit upon Sunland, California, as an ideal location. Sunland is a sleepy village in the heart of the coast range mountains, about 35 miles from Los Angeles. With the exception of some semi-tropical vegetation Sunland, with its surrounding mountains might be a Kentucky village. Quick negotiations with the village council resulted in a permit to reconstruct the entire town facing Sunland's wonderful grove of live oaks. M. J. Caldwell, the National's technical and art director, who was born in Kentucky, is in a great measure responsible for the transformation of Sunland from a drowsy hamlet founded by the Spanish padres to "Emeryville, Kentucky." It required 200 carpenters, masons and laborers to affect the change, but it was worth all the trouble and expense, states "Bernie" Bernstein.

[February 14, 1920, Exhibitor's Trade Review]

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 north. Exit at Sunland Blvd. and turn right. After Sunland Blvd. goes underneath the Foothill Freeway (210), it will connect with Foothill Blvd. The park is at the intersection of Sunland Blvd. and Foothill Blvd., on the left.


"The Kentucky Colonel" (National Film Corporation of America 1920) Directed by: William A. Seiter. Cast: Joseph J. Dowling, Frederick Vroom, Elinor Field, Francis McDonald, Cora Drew, Lloyd Bacon, Fred Kohler, Gordon Griffith.

"The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln" (Rockett-Lincoln Film Company 1924) Directed by: Phil Rosen. Cast: George A. Billings.