Walker Cabin

HISTORY: In the early 1900's, several homes were built in Placerita Canyon by Frank Evans Walker and his family. The only remaining building intact is the one which is referred to as Walker's Cabin.

From early in the history of Hollywood, the ranch was rented out to movie-makers, which afforded the Walkers extra income. In 1949, Frank Walker sold the property to the State of California. In recent years, the state transferred the ownership of the park to the County of Los Angeles. [It was in Placerita Canyon that gold was first discovered in California. The Oak of the Golden Dreams monument stands at the site, although the actual site is on the Walt Disney Golden Oak Ranch, which is a short walk from the monument.]

USE: Contrary to published reports, most, if not all, of the Walker Ranch was used for filming, especially by the early low-budget companies, such as Spectrum. Many of the buildings (houses/cabins) on the property were used. However, only the Walker Cabin still exists in its entirety (you can find the remains of another building with fireplace intact on the property). The Walker Cabin was used by William Boyd and others and they referred to it as their on-screen hideout. The road that ran along the front of the cabin and the road on the other side of the creek (the south side) were used for the chase scenes by most companies using the property.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 north to Highway 14 (to Palmdale). Exit at Placerita Canyon Rd. and turn right. Go past the Andy Jauregui Ranch site and the Walt Disney Golden Oak Ranch, both on the left side of the road, then look for the Placerita Canyon Park on your right side. Turn right into the park entrance. This is the old Walker Ranch. The Walker Cabin is between the entrance and the nature center, next to the parking area.

(from the Stephen Lodge collection)

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