The Alhambra Airport opened in April 1930, located south of Valley Blvd. between New Avenue and Almansor Street.

Western Air (the forerunner of Western Airlines) built the terminal, the passenger terminal, and the largest airplane hanger in the world at that time.

The major airlines soon moved out to air fields in Burbank and Glendale, leaving the Alhambra airport to the private and small commercial operations. Western Air College flying school was at the field.

In 1938, with war looming, the airport became the official shipping point for Lockheed's military airplanes.

The airport continuted in operation until 1943 when the 157 acre property was put up for sale. The city of Alhambra took over the property the following year. In 1945, Harlow Aircraft Company purchased the airport from Western for $350,000 where they manufactured small airplanes. In 1946, Harlow sold off to real estate developers who subdivided the property, bringing an end to the airport.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take Interstate 10 east. Exit at Garfield Ave. north (Alhambra). Turn right at Valley Blvd. The shopping center on the right (south) side of Valley Blvd. from Almansor to Vega St. is where most of the airport was.


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