Beale's Cut Beale's Cut (also known as Fremont Pass and Newhall Pass), located in Newhall, California, has been used in numerous films since the silent days.
Fremont Pass Originally 30 feet deep when General Phineas Banning drove the first stagecoach through it in 1854, it was deepened to 90 feet by troops under General Edward F. Beale in 1863. This was the main roadway from Los Angeles to Newhall. In 1910, the nearby Newhall Tunnel opened (now long gone, itself replace by a deep divide).

The site has been used mainly for two shots, movement through the cut and/or jumps across the top of the cut.

vintage shot of Beale's Cut

Thanks to Tinsley Yarbrough for input on the filmography.

DIRECTIONS: The site is located south of San Fernando Road between Sierra Highway and the Antelope Valley Freeway (14). There is a parking turnoff on the side of the road where an Historical Marker used to be. It is a short walk from there to Beale's Cut.


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"The Phantom" (Columbia 1943) Directed by: B. Reeves Eason. Cast: Tom Tyler, Jeanne Bates.