In 1927 Roy Baker built a rodeo arena, seating over 18,000 people, on his 40 acre parcel of land in Saugus. Because of financial setbacks, in 1930, Baker sold the ranch to Hoot Gibson who named the rodeo arena the Hoot Gibson Rodeo Arena. In 1934, the property was sold to Paul Hill of the Western Livestock Stockyards. In 1937, a flood inundated the stadium grounds and buildings. Sometime that year or the next, William Bonelli purchased the property and renamed the stadium the Bonelli Stadium. In 1939 began holding auto races in the arena. The arena was closed during World War II, from July 1, 1942 to September 8, 1945. In 1950, the stadium stands, which had deteriorated, were replaced with stands from the Gilmore Stadium in Los Angeles. It later became the Saugus Speedway. It is now a Swap Meet, located at 22500 Soledad Canyon Road in Saugus (east of Interstate 5 and westerly of the 14 Free-way).


"Wild Horse" (Allied 1931) starring Hoot Gibson.

"Riders of Destiny" (Monogram 1933) starring John Wayne.

"Rustler's Roundup" (Universal 1933) starring Tom Mix.

"Feud of the West" (Grand National 1936) starring Hoot Gibson.