Located 26 miles off the Los Angeles, California, coastline, the island was first privately owned in 1848 when Thomas Robbins received a land grant from Governor Pio Pico. For the next almost 20 years, land speculators bought and sold the island until James Lick obtained the island in 1866.

In 1887, the Lick Estate sold the island for $200,000. George Shatto purchased the island that same year. The Banning Brothers (Joseph B., William, and Hancock) purchased the island in 1892 to develop as a resort. Two years later, they incorporated the Santa Catalina Island Company.

In 1919, William Wrigley Jr. obtained a controlling interest in the corporation. In 1972, the Wrigley family created the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy and 3 years later deeded 88% of the island to it.


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