The Chatsworth train line from Simi Valley to Chatsworth, including the curve near Iverson's Ranch, the underpass of the now Topanga Canyon, but then just dirt and rocks, and the Chatsworth Train Depot, was often used in features and serials. Below is a glimpse at some of this:

The Chatsworth Train Depot
The Chatsworth Train Depot, now lone gone
The gorge
The tunnel

THE DEPOT: The original depot was erected in 1893 near the intersection of Topanga Canyon and Marilla. It burned down in 1917. By that time, a newer, larger station had been erected on the west side of the railroad tracks between Devonshire and Lassen. It is this second station that has been featured so prominently in films. It was torn down in December 1962. A Metrolink station now sits on the opposite side of the tracks.

For a more detailed history of the depot, CLICK HERE.

DIRECTIONS: To reach the approximate location of the Chatsworth Train Station, from Los Angeles, take the 101 freeway north. Exit at Topanga Canyon Road and turn north (right). At Lassen Street, turn right (east). Turn left at Canoga Avenue. The Metrolink station is approximately where the original station was.

To reach the location where the train travels between rock formations as seen from the Iverson Ranch, from the Chatsworth Depot, head back to Topanga Canyon Road and turn right (north). At Santa Susanna Pass Road, turn left. Turn right on Red Mesa Drive and park. Walk back down to Santa Susanna Pass Road and look south and you will see it or hike up to the Garden of the Gods (there is an access road from Red Mesa Drive), go through them, and head up to the cliff opposite the Nyoka Cliff. Look to the right (south) and you will see the same train tracks, but from a much higher vantage point.

To reach the train tunnel, head back to Topanga Canyon Blvd. The train tunnel is beneath it, just south of Santa Susanna Pass Road. Both sides were used for filming purposes, so just take a short hike to either side of the road to view the tunnel.

NOTE: Some of the listings in the filmography may be stock footage from earlier films, but are included for ease of finding and viewing the film.

"The Squaw Man" (Lasky 1914) Directed by: Oscar Apfel and Cecil B. DeMille. Cast: Dustin Farnum, Monroe Salisbury, Winifred Kingston, Red Wing, William Elmer, Foster Knox, Joseph Singleton, Dick La Reno, Fred Montague, 'Baby' Carmen De Rue, Mrs. A. W. Filson, Haidee Fuller, Art Acord.

"The Trail Beyond" (Monogram 1934) Directed by: Robert Bradbury. Cast: John Wayne, Verna Hillie, Noah Beery Sr., Noah Beery Jr., Robert Frazer, Iris Lancaster, James Marcus, Eddie Parker, Earl Dwire.

"Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (Republic 1941) Directed by: William Witney and John English. Cast: Ralph Byrd, Michael Owen, Jan Wiley, John Davidson.

"King of the Texas Rangers" (Republic 1941) Directed by: William Witney & John English. Cast: "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh, Neil Hamilton, Pauline Moore, Duncan Renaldo, Charles Trowbridge, Herbert Rawlinson, Frank Darien, Robert O. Davis, Monte Blue, Stanley Blystone, Kermit Maynard, Roy Barcroft, Kenneth Duncan, Jack Ingram, Robert Barron, Frank Bruno, Monte Montague, Joseph Forte, Lucien Prival.

"Superman" (Columbia 1948) Directed by: Spencer Bennet & Thomas Carr. Cast: Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill, Tommy Bond, Carol Forman, George Meeker, Jack Ingram, Pierre Watkin, Terry Frost, Charles King, Charles Quigley, Herbert Rawlinson, Forrest Taylor, Stephan Carr, Rusty Wescoatt.

"Fancy Pants" (Paramount 1950) Directed by: George Marshall. Cast: Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Bruce Cabot.

"Radar Men From the Moon" (Republic 1951) Directed by: Fred C. Brannon. Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, Roy Barcroft, William Bakewell, Clayton Moore, Peter Brocco.

"Zombies of the Stratosphere" (Republic 1952) Directed by: Fred C. Brannon. Cast: Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Wilson Wood, Lane Bradford, Stanley Waxman, John Crawford.

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (Allied Artists 1956) Directed by: Don Siegel. Cast: Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates, King Donovan, Carolyn Jones, Jean Willes, Ralph Dumke, Virginia Christine, Tom Fadden, Kenneth Patterson, Guy Way, Eileen Stevens, Beatrice Maude, Jean Andren, Bobby Clark, Everett Glass, Dabbs Greer, Pat O'Malley, Guy Rennie, Marie Selland, Sam Peckinpah, Harry J. Vejar, Whit Bissell, Richard Deacon, Frank Hagney, Robert Osterloh.