In 1934, Columbia Pictures purchased the first forty acres of their ranch in Burbank (their back-backlot). By 1949, the ranch had increased to eighty acres.

The first film to use the ranch appears to have been Party Wire in 1935.

In April 1965, a $375,000 sound stage was erected at the ranch.

Over the years, acreage was sold off until by 1971 there were only 38 acres remaining of the 80.

On June 3, 1971, Columbia Pictures moved their Hollywood production into the Warner Bros. Burbank lot.

The combined Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures, known as The Burbank Studios, announced in May 1973 that they would not sell the 38 acre ranch which had been on the market since 1971.

In 1974, six acres were sold for a shopping center.

The remaining 32 acres is still in existance and is owned by Warner Bros.

Once the site of a complete Western Town with two streets, a jungle area, a Colonial/French town, a large New York street area, and a small town area with park, the ranch now only has the small town with park and a few high rise buildings.

This shot and the next two show portions of the elaborate New York Street sets.

Here is a shot of the north side of the residential street (the "Father Knows Best" and "Dennis the Menace" side) and the short run of brownstones.

Here are a couple of shots of a Far East set.

Here are a couple of stills of the western street. The first one is looking south, while the second one is looking north.

Here is a series of shots of the western streets in action:

The following photographs were taken by Stephen Lodge and used by his permission.

The western street (and following 4 pictures).

The western street after the 1970 fire.

The New York Street and park.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, take the 5 freeway north to the 134 west. Exit at Hollywood Way. The exit will put you at Alameda Avenue. Turn left there then turn right at Hollywood Way. At the intersection of Hollywood Way and Oak Street, you will see the entrance to the ranch on the northwest corner. Do not enter. It is private property. Turn left at Oak Street. The first part of the ranch you pass is where the residential street is. About halfway down the block is where the French Village is. The final third of the block is where the western streets were. Most of the center and right side of the ranch is where the extensive New York Street sets were. Only a few brownstones still remain.


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