This filmography is not complete, but will be updated when new entries are discovered. Listings preceded by an asterisk (*) have not been verified for accuracy.

* "Colorado Serenade" (PRC 1946) Directed by: Robert Emmett Tansey. Cast: Eddie Dean.

"The Bandit of Sherwood Forest" (Columbia 1946) Directed by: Henry Levin and George Sherman. Cast: Cornel Wilde, Anita Louise, Edgar Buchanan, Lloyd Corrigan, Henry Daniell, Jill Esmond, Miles Mander, Eva Moore.

"Chick Carter, Detective" (Columbia 1946) Directed by: Derwin Abrahams. Cast: Lyle Talbot, Douglas Fowley, Julie Gibson, Pamela Blake, Eddie Acuff.

"Duel in the Sun" (Selznick International Pictures 1946) Directed by: King Vidor. Cast: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lionel Barrymore, Herbert Marshall, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Charles Bickford, Harry Carey Sr.

"Overland Riders" (PRC 1946) Directed by: Sam Newfield. Cast: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patti McCarty, Slim Whitaker, Bud Osborne, Jack O'shea, Frank Ellis, Al Ferguson, John L. Cason, George Chesebro, Lane Bradford, Wally West.

"The Renegades" (Columbia 1946) Directed by: George Marshall. Cast: Evelyn Keyes, Willard Parker, Larry Parks, Edgar Buchanan, Jim Bannon, Forrest Tucker, Ludwig Donath, Frank Sully, Willard Robertson.

"Sioux City Sue" (Republic 1946) Directed by: Frank McDonald. Cast: Gene Autry, Lynne Roberts, Sterling Holloway, Richard Lane.

"Thunder Town" (PRC 1946) Directed by: Harry Fraser. Cast: Bob Steele, Syd Saylor, Ellen Hall, Bud Geary, Charles King, Edward Howard, Steve Clark, Bud Osborne, Jimmy Aubrey, Pascale Perry.

* "Under Nevada Skies" (Republic 1946) Directed by: Frank McDonald. Cast: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, George "Gabby" Hayes, Bob Nolan, Doublass Dumbrille, Tris Coffin, LeRoy Mason, George J. Lewis, Iron Eyes Cody.

"Wild West" (PRC 1946) Directed by: Robert Emmett Tansey. Cast: Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, Al "Lash" LaRue, Robert "Buzzy" Henry, Louise Currie, Jean Carlin.

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