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"Brave Warrior" (Columbia 1952) Directed by: Spencer G. Bennet. Cast: John Hall, Christine Larson, Jay Silverheels, Michael Ansara, Harry Cording, James Seay, George Eldredge, Leslie Denison, Rory Malinson, Rusty Wescoatt.

"Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory" (United Artists 1952) Directed by: Bernard B. Ray. Cast: Clayton Moore, Slim Andrews, Chief Thundercloud, Sharon Dexter, Tom Hubbard, Eddie Phillips, Rodd Redwing.

* "Duel at Silver Creek" (Universal 1952) Directed by: Donald Siegel. Cast: Audie Murphy, Faith Domergue, Susan Cabot, Stephen McNally.

* "Fargo" (Monogram 1952) Directed by: Lewis Collins. Cast: Bill Elliott, Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey, Fuzzy Knight, Jack Ingram, Arthur Space.

* "Fort Osage" (Monogram 1952) Directed by: Ray Nazarro. Cast: Rod Cameron, Jane Nigh, Douglas Kennedy, Morris Ankrum, John Ridgely, William Phipps, I. Stanford Jolley, Francis McDonald, Myron Healey, Lane Bradford, Iron Eyes Cody.

"Hangman's Knot" (Columbia 1952) Directed by: Randolph Scott, Donna Reed, Claude Jarman Jr., Frank Faylen, Glenn Langan, Richard Denning, Lee Marvin, Jeanette Nolan, Clem Bevins, Ray Teal, Guinn Williams, Monte Blue.

* "Indian Uprising" (Columbia 1952) Directed by: Ray Nazarro. Cast: George Montgomery. Miguel Inclan.

"Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land" (Columbia 1952) Directed by: Lew Landers. Cast: Johnny Weissmuller, Angela Greene, Jean Willes, Lester Matthews, William Tannen, George Eldredge, Frederic Berest.

* "Last Train From Bombay" (Columbia 1952) Directed by: Fred F. Sears. Cast: Jon Hall, Christine Larson, Douglas Kennedy, Lisa Ferraday, Frederic Berest, Michael Fox, Gregory Gaye, Matthew Boulton.

* "The Rough, Tough West" (Monogram 1952) Directed by: Ford Beebe. Cast: Rod Cameron, Peggie Castle, Noah Beery Jr.

"Wagons West" (Monogram 1952) Directed by: Ford Beebe. Cast: Rod Cameron, Peggie Castle, Noah Beery Jr., Michael Chapin, Henry Brandon, Sara Haden, Frank Ferguson, Wheaton Chambers, Riley Hill, I. Stanford Jolley, Almira Sessions.

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