This filmography is not complete, but will be updated when new entries are discovered. Listings preceded by an asterisk (*) have not been verified for accuracy.

"Apache" (United Artists 1954) Directed by: Robert Aldrich. Cast: Burt Lancaster, Jean Peters, John McIntyre, Charles Buchinsky, John Dehner.

* "The Battle of Rogue River" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: William Castle. Cast: George Montgomery, Richard Denning, Martha Hyer, John Crawford, Emory Parnell, Michael Granger, Freeman Morse, Bill Bryant.

* "Bitter Creek" (Allied Artists 1954) Directed by: Thomas Carr. Cast: William Elliott, Carleton Young, Beverly Garland, Veda Ann Borg, Claude Akins, Jim Hayward, John Pickard, Forrest Taylor.

* "The Black Dakotas" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: Ray Nazarro. Cast: Gary Merrill, Wanda Hendrix, John Bromfield, Noah Beery Jr, Fay Roope, Howard Wendell, Robert Simon, James Griffith, Richard Webb, John War Eagle, Jay Silverheels, Clayton Moore.

"Jungle Man-Eaters" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: Lee Sholem. Cast: Johnny Weissmuller, Karin Booth, Richard Stapley, Bernard Hamilton, Gregory Gay, Lester Matthews, Paul Thompson, Vince M. Townsend, Louise Franklin.

"The Outlaw Stallion" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: Fred F. Sears. Cast: Philip Carey, Dorothy Patrick, Billy Gray.

"The Saracen Blade" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: William Castle. Cast: Ricardo Montalban, Carolyn Jones, Morris Ankrum, Edgar Barrier, Rick Jason.

* "They Rode West" (Columbia 1954) Directed by: Phil Karlson. Cast: Robert Francis, Donna Reed, May Wynn, Phil Carey, Onslow Stevens, Peggy Converse, Roy Roberts, Jack Kelly, Stuart Randall, Eugene Iglesias, Frank de Kova, John War Eagle.

"Yankee Pasha" (Universal 1954) Directed by: Joseph Pevney. Cast: Jeff Chandler, Rhonda Fleming, Mamie Van Doren, Lee J. Cobb, Hal March, Arthur Space, Benny Rubin.

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