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"Escort West" (United Artists 1958) Directed by: Francis D. Lyon. Cast: Victor Mature, Faith Domergue, Reba Waters, Rex Ingram, Noah Beery Jr., Ken Curtis, X. Brands, Slim Pickens, Syd Saylor, Roy Barcroft, John Hubbard, Charles Soldani, Claire Du Brey, Chuck Hayward.

* "The Man From God's Country" (Allied Artists 1958) Directed by: Paul Landres. Cast: George Montgomery, Randy Stuart, James Griffith, House Peters Jr., Susan Cummings, Kim Charney, Frank Wilcox, Gregg Barton, Al Wyatt.

* "Return to Warbow" (Columbia 1958) Directed by: Ray Nazarro. Cast: Philip Carey, Catherine McLeod, Andrew Duggan, William Leslie, Robert J. Wilke, James Griffith, Jay Silverheels.

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