There were more than half a dozen Outlaw Cabins scattered around the Ranch. This one, at the far east end of Silvertown, was most often called Belle Starr's Cabin, because it was where one of our shows, The Killing of Belle Starr, was performed. Because of it's close proximity to the Church/Schoolhouse, it was occasionally used in films as the Preacher's home, or the Schoolmarm's house. (Bill Raymond)

Outlaw Cabin
Outlaw Cabin at eastern edge of Silvertown
(from the Mark S. Cramer, MD, FAAFP collection)

Prior to the above cabin being built and prior to the creation of Silvertown, there was another outlaw cabin in the same general vacinity, a short ways up the road heading towards Corsican Village (also not built yet).

Early Outlaw Cabin

In the rocks to the northeast of Robin Hood Lake, the below cabin was found in the early years of the ranch. In later years, the appearance of this cabin changed (photo coming soon).

Outlaw Cabin near Robin Hood Lake