Elaine DuPont and Ray Corrigan
Elaine DuPont and her husband, Ray "Crash" Corrigan
(from the Minard Coons collection)

One of the lovely attractions which make your visit to Corriganville so unforgettable is seeing the beautiful Elaine Du Pont in person. Miss Du Pont's cheerful manner and charm has won her many friends among the visitors to Corriganville and her photogenic personality is always a hit with the camera fans that are always on hand.

Elaine is currently featured in "Sandy", Ricky Nelson's girl friend in the "Ozzie and Harriet" T.V. series. She is the Indian girl "Lolomi" in the Rin-Tin-Tin series. She has also been featured in Death Valley Days and the Frontier Pictures. She has played the leading feminine role in the "Crash" Corrigan Ranch Party show on KABC-TV and was the leading lady in "Crash" Corrigan Movie Ranch shows on KRCA and KHJ-TV.

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Webmaster's Note: Elaine also appeared on The Al Jarvis Show

Among the Motion pictures she has appeared in are Girl Rush, You're Never Too Young, Son of Sinbad, From Here to Eternity, Don't Knock the Rock, Going Steady, The Girl Most Likely, and Loving You, with Elvis Presley.

Webmaster's Note: Elaine also appeared in Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow, Monster From the Surf and The Beach Girls and the Monster

Miss Du Pont is an accomplished vocalist and was the telephone girl for months on the Tom Duggan show on KCOP-TV. At the present time she can be seen every Saturday and Sunday as the featured leading lady in the history of the Old West shows at the Corriganville movie ranch. You can see why we say that Elaine Du Pont will truly enliven your visit to the Corriganville ranch.

(from Vol. 1, No. 3 Summer Edition of The Corriganville Gazette)