I first visited Corriganville around 1958. Having seen Fort Apache on the Rin Tin Tin television show, it was an eye-opening experience to view the set in person, especially when you opened the doors into the buildings and only found--nothing, except for the lumber used to support the false front, sides, and roof of the building. And finding the escape hatch in the wall where little Rusty would climb through, then finding that the opposite side of it (in tv land) was a great distance away (one full building in between).

Most of my time at the ranch was spent at the Fort Apache sets, an occasional visit to Corsican Village, and some time spent at Silvertown. Basically, I can only remember seeing Robin Hood Lake and Robin Hood Forest once when I stayed on the tram for a ride throughout the property.

This web site is dedicated to Ray "Crash" Corrigan and all of the people who worked at the ranch, either in front of or behind the cameras, or as an employee during the Amusement Park era.

While the area of the ranch where the majority of the standing sets were can still be visited, those sets are no more (see History), but the memories linger.