Thom Bresh
Thom Bresh performed at the ranch from age 3 to 17. His father was the official Corriganville Photographer. Thom is now a Country & Western star. Visit his web page. Highly recommended.
Corriganville Volunteer Mounted Patrol
The CVMP patrols the Corriganville Park and assists the users of the park. Visit their web page.
The Official Dick Warlock Homepage
Dick Warlock, then known as Dick Leming, was a stuntman and performer at Corriganville during its heydays. He went on to be an actor, director, and stunt coordinator, besides being a stuntman.
Local Legends
A great site devoted to the hosts of the early days of Southern California television
Corriganville Preservation Committee

old web page

New Web Page

Web pages for the group that was instrumental in helping save Corriganville from developers
Corriganville Movie Ranch
Web page on Corriganville with address for the Corriganville Preservation Committee
Corriganville Park
Minor information on the park
Web site for the Fury television show
Ray "Crash" Corrigan
Some information on Ray
Cowboy Pal Web Site
An overall good site for westerns
The Serial Squadron
An overall good site for serials
Movie Making Locations
My locations site with information on many of the western location ranches