This house, in reality the home of Ray "Crash" Corrigan, was used in many different ways in many, many films. One time, it would be a house in town. The next time it would be a ranch house out in the country. One neat trick that was used to make it look as if it was isolated way out in the country was to shoot it from a high angle, on top of a nearby hill. The secret was, that the "hill" was the top of the saloon, up the street. It sure succeeded in giving the illusion of a ranch, miles away from everything. (caption by Bill Raymond)

Ray's House
An overview of the original house and barn from the early years of the Corrigan ownership of the property, taken from the northwest side shooting southeast
(from the author's collection)

A closeup view of Ray Corrigan's house, west view, from the early years
(from the Minard Coons collection)

Ray Corrigan's Ranch House north view (from the author's collection)