by Geri Chandler

Flash was quite the horse, he was Crash's horse and was used in the parades on Main Street regularly during the Hay Days. Now [known as Hopetown during the 1970's], Flash was old and suffering arthritis in almost every part of his body. He was fed well but not ridden--at his age he couldn't take that. It was supposedly part of the arrangement that Flash live the rest of his natural life on the ranch when Bob Hope bought the place, and he did. I was warned to pay attention to Flash when standing close. He had a fetish for women's breasts and would chomp and hold. Because he would break the boards by leaning on them, his stall had hot-wire that he would lean on and he would just give us one of those "looks". He seemed to like it! He was quite the show horse when younger and had a really strange, friendly personality and loved to be handled when HE was in the mood. I wish I had seen him during his younger years.