by Donna Radcliff

I visited Corriganville, with my parents and younger sister and some family friends, about 1960, when I was about 7. I have some very vivid memories of that visit, which is the only time we ever went [and] how I met Crash Corrigan that day.

It was close to the time for us to leave and head home. We had just visited the "cemetery" and I was so excited about having seen a boot sticking out of one of the graves. At the end of the street a crowd of people had gathered and we headed over to it. Crash Corrigan was making a personal appearance that day. My dad had a 16mm camera and started taking pictures. Crash saw him, and he went to pick up my younger sister, who was a doll-baby with big blue eyes and Shirley Temple curls. Well, she saw him reach for her and she let out a scream and hid behind my mom. So, he was left with me. He picked me up and held me. Now, what the movie camera caught was me leaning over and kissing his cheek. Everyone started laughing and calling me a little flirt, and saying "oh, Crash has stolen another pretty girl's heart", and mom got embarrassed. I guess she was upset that I just up and kissed a stranger that way. Well, I got mad. What the camera didn't catch was how Crash had whispered in my ear to give him a little kiss and I wouldn't, so he gave me a little pinch on the leg, and it hurt! and so I kissed him so he would put me down! My mom grabbed my hand and started pulling me away, because she never really liked being [the] center of attention. I yelled out, "He MADE me kiss him!! He pinched me!!" And dad said, "quit that fibbin', Donna Kay". But that night when we got home, sure enough, there was a little black and blue mark when he pinched me.

Dad was really impressed that I was pinched by a real movie star, and from that time on all the way into my teen years, whenever we had company, he pulled that film out and showed it.