A reunion of the stuntmen, performers, and workers who plied their trade at Corriganville was held on Tuesday night, April 13, 1999, at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in San Diego, California.

The stuntmen who were able to make the trip were Jerry Vance, Stephen Lodge, Bob Bickston, Bill Raymond, Cory Rodgers, Richard Takakjian, and Bob Charnes. Tom Corrigan, the son of Ray "Crash" Corrigan, attended the event as well.

The Holiday Inn at Mission Bay was where all the attendees stayed.

William J. Ehrheart, a historian on Corriganville, was there, and a prerelease copy of his story on "Crash" and the ranch entitled "The World's Most Famous Movie Ranch: Ray 'Crash' Corrigan and Corriganville", which appears in the current issue of the Ventura County Museum of History and Art quarterly (edited by Charles Johnson), was autographed and given to the attendees.

The evening event was fun--a limousine ride from the motel to Planet Hollywood, a red-carpet greeting, a short, but enjoyable, stunt show, a brief acknowledgement of the Corriganville stunt people, both outside Planet Hollywood and inside, and finally a great dinner attended by the Corriganville stuntmen, most with a family member in tow (spouse, child, grandchild, brother, etc.), and attendee's, including myself and my wife, and the members of the stunt group that performed outside. And while dinner was being served and eaten, we were greeted to many fine videos, amateur and professional.

Near the end of the evening, it was time for autographs.

Unfortunately, this was only a one night affair and we all departed for home the following morning.

All of the above photographs are used by permission of Stephen Lodge.

The photos below are by the author.

(l to r) Tom Corrigan, Cory Rodgers, Bob Bickston, Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian, Stephen Lodge's backside, and Bob Charnes

(l to r) Steve Lodge, Bob Charnes, Jerry Vance

(l to r) Cory Rodgers, Bob Bickston, Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian

Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian and Steve Lodge

Tom Corrigan

Jerry Vance making a presentation to Planet Hollywood
(l to r, rear) Tom Corrigan, Cory Rodgers, Bob Bickston, and Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian

Jerry Vance and Cory Rodgers

Cory Rodgers and Bill Raymond

Bob Bickston in center

Left: Steve Lodge looking through the Corriganville book. Right: Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian.

Jerry Vance, Richard "Fresno Tack" Takakjian, and Steve Lodge autographing photographs

Interior of Planet Hollywood

Interior of Planet Hollywood