On May 11 and 12, 1991, the "Corriganville Movie Ranch Restoration" group held the Celebrity Cowboy Reunion and Indian Rendezvous at the old Corriganville movie ranch location in Simi Valley, California.

The two day event was loaded with music shows, stunt shows, comics, a variety of food and merchandise for sale, and the best part of the event was the opportunity to meet so many stars of the old cowboy movies along with other celebrities who attended. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to attend the first day, so I do not know who I missed of the celebrities who attended.

Scheduled to appear were, among others, Joan Van Ark, John Mitchum, Lee Horsley, John Hart, Iron Eyes Cody, Peter Brown, Alex Cord, and Peggy Stewart. These stars I did not see, so I don't know if they attended or not. The following stars did attend: Terry Frost, Pierce Lyden, Eddie Dean, Jim Brown, John Agar, Paul Petersen, Myron Healey, Richard Webb, Hal Baylor, Shane Wilder, Juan Naranjo, Sonny Skyhawk, and Kevin Hagen (see below for photographs of ten of them).

The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Ray "Crash" Corrigan's son, Tom Corrigan. Besides the many stars who appeared, readily signing autographs and having their pictures taken (I was like a young fan doing these two activities), were the Bitter Creek Stunt Show, California Gun Fighters, and Tom Corrigan's stunt show, which reenacted the OK Corral fight between the Earps and the Clantons. Music and song were provided by the Ken Lang Band, the Rick Tucker Band, Jannie Rooney and others.

The event was well sponsored and proceeded smoothly throughout the day. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the restoration of the Corriganville Movie Ranch. Less than 200 acres of the original 2000 acres have been set aside by the city of Simi Valley for use as a city park. This acreage includes the sites of Silvertown, Fort Apache, Corsican Village, Mexican Village, and the stunt rock and lake.

There are two groups [one since disbanded] working towards the restoration of Corriganville to its former glory. The plans call for rebuilding Silvertown in the same external image as it once existed. The first planned building is the stables. The interior will be the Visitors Center. Of course, the construction of the buildings requires capital, and that is one of the purposes of events such as the one mentioned above.

[This article, in slightly expanded form, first appeared in Westerns & Serials magazine issue #37, published in 1991, written by the webmaster.]

The celebrities who I was able to photograph:

Pierce Lyden
Pierce Lyden, movie badman

Terry Frost
Terry Frost, movie badman, with his wife

Jim Brown
Jim Brown from Rin Tin Tin television show

Myron Healey
Myron Healey, movie badman, and unidentified friend

Richard Webb
Richard Webb, Captain Midnight

John Agar
John Agar, from Fort Apache

Hal Baylor
Hal Baylor

Kevin Hagen
Kevin Hagen

Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson

Eddie Dean
Eddie Dean on the right, the webmaster on the left

All photographs on this page are copyrighted 1991 by Jerry L. Schneider.