To reach Corriganville from Los Angeles, California:

Fastest Route:

There are four main freeways heading north from Los Angeles. Directions for all four are shown:

1. Take the Golden State Freeway (5) north.
2. Take the Pasadena Freeway (110) north to the Golden State Freeway (5) north.
3. Take the Hollywood Freeway (101) north to the 170 Freeway north to the Golden State Freeway (5) north.
4. Take the San Diego Freeway (405) north.

Now, you are either on the Golden State Freeway (5) or the San Diego Freeway (405). When you come to the Ronald Reagan/Simi Valley Freeway (118), head west.

When you reach the Topanga Canyon Blvd. offramp, DO NOT EXIT, but watch the scenery as you are passing through the middle of the old Iverson Movie Ranch in the Santa Susanna Mountains (upper Iverson on the right and lower Iverson on the left).

When you are coming down out of the Santa Susanna Mountains, exit at Kuehner Drive and turn left.

Go past Los Angeles Ave. (there is a stop sign there) and look for Sandalwood Drive on the left. You will see the name "Hopetown" on a wall there. That is the location of the entrance to Corriganville during the Amusement Park days and where the rodeo arena and parking area was located.

Continue forward on Kuehner Drive. Turn left at Smith Road (there is a signal there). Head to the end of the street and you will see the entrance to Corriganville Park. Shortly before that entrance you can see, on the left, the original entrance to the property.

Old Route:

From downtown Los Angeles, take the Hollywood Freeway (101) north and continue on it as it becomes the Ventura Freeway.

Exit at Topanga Canyon Blvd. and head north (turn right).

Near the end of Topanga Canyon Blvd. (you will see a large rock formation on the right, the freeway straight ahead, and there is a signal at the intersection), turn left onto Santa Susanna Pass Road (this is the "new" portion of Santa Susanna Pass Road--the "old" portion that intersected with Topanga Canyon Road has been closed except to local traffic and is located just south of the new intersection).

Continue on Santa Susanna Pass Road, heading west, as you pass, first, Iverson's Movie Ranch location on the right and the Spahn Movie Ranch site on the left. As you begin to come out of the hills, you will reach a signal. This is Smith Road. Turn right and follow it to the end of the road. You are at Corriganville.