This page, which is under construction, will be devoted to the serials of Ray "Crash" Corrigan.

Phantom Empire

Darkest Africa

Ray Corrigan, under his name Ray Benard, appeared as Bonga the Gorilla and as Samabi, a BatMan.




The Vigilantes Are Coming

Undersea Kingdom

Undersea Kingdom

Undersea KingdomUndersea Kingdom

Undersea Kingdom

Undersea Kingdom
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Flash Gordon

The Painted Stallion

Painted Stallion

Painted Stallion
Hoot Gibson, Hal Taliafero, Sammy McKim, Ray Corrigan, Oscar and Elmer
in the serial Painted Stallion
(from the author's collection)

The Monster and The Ape

The Adventures of Sir Galahad

The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd