Included on this page are a variety of views of different signs that were used around the ranch.

Ray Corrigan
A poster of this picture adorned the entranceway to Corriganville for many years.

Cherokee Jim BabcockThis picture of Jim Babcock was one of the large posters at the front gate of the Ranch from about 1960 (give or take a year) up to when the Ranch closed.

Ray liked the picture, had a poster made and put up, and named the character "Cherokee". From then on, Jim was known as "Cherokee" Jim Babcock. (Bill Raymond)

saloon prices

sheriff's office undertaker

Wells Fargo Hotel

General Merchandise gazette

blacksmith livery stable salamy assayer mining tools

Corsican VillageFort Apache

Corriganville Entrance 2 MilesBank

From the webmaster: If you or somebody you knows has photographs of the signs at the entrance to Corriganville, please contact me to make arrangements for adding the photos to this page.