by Jerry Vance

One weekend, while Ray was having the Indians attack the wagon train, he almost lost his well being. To wit: Ray was standing out in the middle of the arena while the Indians attacked. One Indian, namely Buck Lee, was supposed to break off the attack and make a run at Ray with lance held high and at the last minute Ray was to shoot Buck off his horse. Well, meanwhile, back at the Ranch came into play, and when Buck came roaring at full tilt toward Ray, his head-dress slipped down over his eyes and he couldn't see a darn thing. Ray started shooting and Buck kept coming right toward his target. Ray held his ground and just a few feet from him, Buck threw the lance, just missing Ray by inches. I did check the lance after the gag and it was sharp--as blind Buck flew by, Ray reached up and hanked him off his horse. The whole thing played great to the spectators, but a few inches right or left, and Ray would have been in a world of hurt. Buck never forgot that day and never did that gag again during an Indian attack on the old wagon train. Ray was a trooper thru and thru.