A "Corral" Story
by Bill Raymond

"The Gunfight at the OK Corral" was always our big show of the day on weekends. Quite often we would have "Guest" Celebrities at the Ranch (Nick Adams, THE REBEL, Peter Brown, LAWMAN?, Doug McClure, THE VIRGINIAN), and they would take the part of one of the Earps in the show. Over the years, many strange things happened while performing this show. Following, is one of the "Corral Stories".

It was a warm summer day, and things had been going pretty smoothly since the first show of the day, "The Killing of Ed Masterson". There was no Guest Celebrity this weekend, so the "usual" performers had been cast as the Earps for the big mid-day show of, "The Gunfight at the OK Corral". The performers who had been cast as the Clantons and McClowerys gathered conspiratorially in back of the sheriff's office and seemed a little extra secretive on this day. It could be seen by the rest of the cast that the Clanton Gang all seemed to have a twinkle in their eyes that was a little unnerving. The show started, and went quite well up to the point where the Earps demanded that the Clantons "Throw down your guns". At his demand, every one of the Clanton Gang members unbuckled their gunbelts and, saying. "Sure. Here." threw them at the feet of the unsuspecting Earps. - Any detractors of the Earps, and supporters of the Clantons around the Country would have loved what came next, and screamed out in unison. "Suspicions confirmed!!!". - Because, since the show was on tape, the Earps were left with nothing to do but gun the defenseless Clantons down in cold blood. And taking the "prank" to the limit, the Clanton Gang members all took extra brutal falls.

Well. The Boss, "Crash", wasn't too happy with this turn of events. But the audience (as audiences quite often do) caught the joke and laughed heartily. They were still laughing when the Ranch closed that night. And we, in the cast, to this day, consider that one of the better "pranks" pulled at the Ranch. Oh, there was a BIGGER prank pulled. But ... that's another "Corral Story".