by Jerry Vance

One day when Tommy Bresh was hunting at the Ranch with his Dad, we almost had a terrible accident.

Tommy was carrying a twelve gauge [Browning Automatic] shotgun. When Tommy shot the first round, he dropped the gun and when it hit the ground, the second round went into the chamber and discharged.

The round took off the front of Tommy's hat, it was that close.

Tommy's dad, Bud Bresh, nearly fainted. Tommy turned every shade of color there was and we all had a heart attack.

You see, even men who make a living around guns or carry guns as tools of their trade, must be careful and cannot take the darn things for granted.

NOTE from Tommy Bresh: "The recoil [of the shotgun] was so hard that it set me back and lost my balance. When the stock of the shotgun hit the ground, it discharged the new round in the chamber. And they weren't blanks, we were out hunting. Really close call!"