The photographs of Silvertown on this page were taken by Stephen Lodge while he worked at Corriganville as a stuntman in 1959. All photos are the property of and are used with permission of Stephen Lodge and all the captions are by him.

Silvertown Sheriff's Office: served as the Corriganville Cast Office. Inside were several couches and chairs, a desk, the recorder which played music and the tapes that backed the stunt shows; a bathroom; and a dressing room for the cast. It was here that we all met to discuss any business Charlie or Crash thought needed to be discussed.

Silvertown Bank: interior was a storage area.

Silvertown Buildings between Frontier Cafe and Crash Corrigan's Ranch House: all were false fronts.

Silvertown Frontier Cafe: Inside was a working restaurant where cast ate breakfast every weekend, and public could have lunch and snacks. Sometimes it would open when a movie company was on premises, but companies usually brought their own caterer.

Silvertown Wells Fargo Office: The Corriganville Print Shop (newspaper, wanted posters, etc.) was located inside.

Silvertown Saloon: We had a show that started by having two strong men pick Jesse Wayne up by his arms and legs, and literally fling him through the bat-wing doors, all the way over the wide double sidewalks and onto the street (there were two porches on the Saloon, one under the porch, a step down, and another, call it a board walk, then the dirt street) where he landed in a heap, all sprawled out in every direction. The crowds loved it. It's a wonder Jesse never got hurt, or if he did, he never told us about it.