The E & R Jungle Film Company was formed in July 1914 and remained in business until 1924. It was located a short distance from the Selig Zoo, about two blocks, at 1720 N. Soto in Los Angeles, California.

E & R Jungle Film Co.
View of the E & R Jungle Film Company
(From the collection of Tommy Dangcil and used by permission)

It was owned by J. S. Edwards and John Rounan. E. E. Rounan, Harry Edwards, and T. H. Glaze rounded out the studio heirarchy.

Formed to make only wild animal films, probably its most famous films were a series of over forty one-reel comedies starring the chimpanzees Sally and Napoleon.

An early postcard scene from one of the E & R Jungle Film Company films
(From the collection of Tommy Dangcil and used by permission)

The Jungle Film Co., which started here several weeks ago with a small but complete jungle menagerie, has just completed and run for the first time "Children of the Jungle," a three-reel atmospheric picture, which abounds in realism of the wilds of the hot countries. Many press and film folk were present at the Alhambra Theater when the film was run off. They will soon start an animal comedy of one reel with "Sally, the Chimp," featured.
[From the December 12, 1914, issue of The Moving Picture World]


"Tarzan of the Apes" (National Films Corp. 1918) Directed by: Scott Sidney. Cast: Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, True Boardman, Kathleen Kirkham, George B. French, Gordon Griffith.