Franklin Canyon Reservoir

The lake where Andy Griffith and Ron Howard fished in The Andy Griffith Show.

Franklin Canyon Reservoir

This location was heavily used by the television industry with such shows as "The Andy Griffith Show", "Combat", "Star Trek", and "How the West Was Won", but was also utilized by film companies. It is said that one scene from "On Golden Pond" was shot at a small pond next to the reservoir.

William Mulholland began construction of the two reservoirs of Franklin Canyon in 1916 and both were finished and operational in 1916. The lower one was the main facility and had an electric generating plant. The upper one was built for stability of the lower one.

During the early 1940's, the WPA (Works Projects Administration) built the earthen flood control dam at the northern end of what is now the visitor's parking lot as well as the system of concrete culverts, tunnels, and walls.

After the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, it was discovered that the two reservoirs could not safely contain the amount of water needed for the city (their dams being built out of earth), so they were taken off-line and a third reservoir was built, just north of the lower one.

The water level of the upper reservoir is much lower than it was during the earlier filming days and has been allowed to "return to nature".

In the 1980's, the Department of Water and Power (DWP) built a surge chamber at the northern end of the upper reservoir and tunneled water under it.

In 1991, an agreement between the DWP and the Federal government was reached wherein they shared the ownership of the land. The National Park Service manages the Sookie Goldman conservation center and park. The Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir was also renamed as the Franklin Canyon Lake.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, head west on Sunset Blvd. Turn right onto Beverly Drive. Where Beverly Drive and Coldwater Canyon Drive meet, turn left onto Beverly Drive. Turn right onto Franklin Canyon Drive. Head past the Lower Franklin Reservoir (it is used for filming, but that is another story). At the Upper Franklin Reservoir (Sooky Goldman Nature Center), turn right and follow the road around the reservoir until you come to the parking lot.


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