The Grand Teton National Park comprises over 310,000 acres in Wyoming. It was created by an Act of Congress in 1929. In 1943, the Jackson Hole National Monument was formed. On September 1, 1950, both areas were combined into the current park.

The following copyrighted photos and descriptions on "Shane" are by David Livingston and are used with his permission.

Starrett HomesteadThe photo to the left is of the Starrett Homestead site. To reach it, drive north out of Jackson Hole on US Hwy 89, turn right at the Gros Ventre Junction; continue about 8.3 miles to the town of Kelly; turn left (only way the main road goes) and go north until you pass a dirt road that runs east-west. Just past that is a canal, the Mormon Row Canal. If you get to the Gros Ventre road turnoff, you have gone too far. There is a trail along the north side of the canal that you can walk out, west and northwest. When you walk along the canal, you will see a floodgate about a bit over half a mile distance. Go another 500 feet and you will be in the vicinity of the Starrett Homestead site.

Cemetery HillThe photo to the left is of the site which was Cemetery Hill looking down towards the location of the townsite from Shane. The photo underneath it is a still photo capture from the movie showing the same hill. Notice you can see the two small hillocks on the left side in each pic. The townsite, which is no longer there, was located on Antelope Flats area, within Grand Teton National Park. To reach it, drive back to the intersection of Kelly and Gros Ventre roads, turn right and go 2.6 miles to a stop sign. Turn left and go 3.6 miles to US Hwy 26-89-181. Turn right on the highway and drive about 7.3 miles til you see a turnoff on the right for Lost Creek Ranch. Turn and go 1.6 miles on the gravel road til you come to a Y, take the right. Go another .9 miles to a buckrail fence, then as the road gets rougher go another .7 miles and park to the side of the road. West of the road is a line of telephone poles. Walk out to the pole numbered 122 (the middle 2 may be missing. Just north of that pole is a trail that will take you West for about 1/2 mile. As you top a hill, you will see another hill West and you can pick up a trail to this second hill, which is in fact Cemetery Hill from the movie. At you get near the top of the second hill, you will see a brush covered depression which was Stonewall Torrey's grave. Looking West from the top of Cemetery Hill, towards the Grand Tetons, the townsite was about 2300 feet further west. The two small hillocks on the left were a bit southeast of the townsite. Just beyond the second hillock was "Three Tree Hill" where Shane and others rode through these few small trees into the town.
Cemetery Hill Site

Ernie Wright CabinThe photo to the left shows the remains of the Ernie Wright cabin. To reach it continue north from the place ou parked to walk out the Starrett homestead 2/10 of a mile, turn right onto Gros Ventre Road, drive about 1 mile east. As you take a left and then a right you will see some old dilapidated log structures on the left. The cabin in front was the Ernie Wright cabin in Shane. I only appeard for about a minute in the movie, and it is the only remaining structure on its original location from Shane. The photo underneath is a photo still from the movie of the same cabin.
Ernie Wright Cabin Site


"Down the Wyoming Trail" (Monogram 1939) Directed by: Albert Herman. Cast: Tex Ritter, Horace Murphy.

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"Plainsman and the Lady" (Republic 1946) Directed by: Joseph Kane. Cast: Bill Elliott, Vera Ralston, Gail Patrick.

"Shane" (Paramount 1953) Directed by: George Stevens. Cast: Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin.

"Jubal" (Columbia 1956) Directed by: Delmer Daves. Cast: Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Rod Steiger.