John H. Show purchased approximately 500 acres of land in the area of the San Fernando Valley now known as Woodland Hills, with frontage on Ventura Blvd. on the north and Topanga Canyon Blvd on the west (the Warner Ranch was across the street). Orchards were planted on portions of the ranch and Show also raised horses. In died March 27, 1940, and his daughter, Virginia Show Snow, eventually gained ownership of the property.
In 1941, 44 acres were sold off to the Motion Picture Relief Fund which built the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital there.
John H Show Ranch
The Show Ranch groves, looking east.
The Warner Ranch is in the right foreground.
Except for a small area of land on the top of a hill where Show's house, the Almidor, was built, the rest of the property has been subdivided.
John H Show Ranch
Another view of the Show Ranch.


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